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Ian Woolf reports on solar powered sea slugs on the sea floor that can make food from sunlight. Therese Chen reports on profiting from the physics of Roulette. Nude hula hoop video. Tish graves dawkins nude. Two compounds rejuvenate mice - are humans next? News by Patrick Rubie - electric flying saucers - personal networks sewn into clothes - fake urine used by miners Nineteenth Century naturalist Fanny Macleay by Lachlan Whatmore, Discussion of the news, staying young by staying with the young, and the portable hug with Ian Woolf and Patrick Rubie, Can Dolphins Talk?

There is a second live 2SER subscriber drive edition for this date.

Tish graves dawkins nude

Ciguatera disrupts genes by Ian Woolf, Rob Ireland talks about the Sunswift solar racing car, ready for commuters? Produced and presented by Ian Woolf Support Diffusion by downloading a free audio book from http: Giant black hole discovered - announced in Parliament by Ian Woolf, Judy Ford talks about slowing women's ageing part 1, Production checked by Charles Willock, Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf Support Diffusion by making a contribution.

Autism treated with good guts by Ian Woolf, Mark Febbraio talks about heat shock proteins for longer life, Heather Catchpole recites physics poems in the pub. Kelly Clemens talks about how drugs of abuse alter the brain's epigenetics, Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick talks about heatwaves.

Ian Woolf reports on vegetables that eat prey, and bats who live inside them. Larissa Savvas reports on the prospect of having 3 parents, Therese Chen reports on the suggestion of introducing megafauna to Australia, Julie-Anne Popple reports on Cybernetics in the service of insect spies and augmenting people, Ian Woolf interviews Ian Bryce about his Skeptical inquiries into Rossi's E-Cat power generator.

Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones Tribute. Ian Woolf talks to Professor Bruce Milthorpe about tissue engineering using coral. Sarah Wood investigates which contraception is better for the environment - the pill or condoms? It's been some fall from grace for Pluto. Cyling scientist Chris Lauf describes his 7 month science education adventure around Queensland to Caitlin Howlett.

Start your free trial. Milf black cum. Ian Woolf reports on Wind powered nuclear weapons, Google Glass, and turtle freezing genomes. Futurist Janine Cahill interviewed by Ian Woolf about how we are living in an era where the impossible is becoming possible, News by Ian Woolf - Photographic memory pills, - Caffeine may reverse Alzheimers - zapping brains for awareness - Urine powered cars Presented by Patrick Rubie, Produced by Ian Woolf.

Haslehof of Cambridge University about designing synthetic organisms. Concert Musical Tribute to Women of Rock. Lachlan Whatmore delves in Craniometry. Production checked by Charles Willock, Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf first broadcast Support Diffusion by making a contribution. This is the pre-recorded version of Diffusion that was broadcast on the Community Radio Network. Hosted by Marc West, produced by Victoria Bond.

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Part 2 of an interview with economist Joffre Balce, Produced and presented by Ian Woolf Support Diffusion by downloading a free audio book from http: Victoria Bond reports on a super vaccine against cancer.

Ian Woolf reviews "The Eudaemonic Pie" by Thomas Bass about a group of physicists winning at roulette with shoe computers in the 's. Take a splash with the frenzied fish that are migrating across our warming ocean. Lesbian sex home video. Tish graves dawkins nude. Victoria Bond finds out if the Large Hadron Collider will destroy the world, Ian Woolf talks to Professor Mike Cortie about zapping gold nanoparticles in your body with lasers to cure mind-control parasites, News by Patrick Rubie - King Tut's foetuses - solar power at night - smart bricks - dandelion rubber Produced and Presented by Ian Woolf.

Spies in your eyes, Mouse muscle gets younger, and Whaling science by Ian Woolf. Top ten hideous sounds by Vanessa Gardos. Ian Woolf tells us about the latest and greatest in stem cell organ transplant. Ian Woolf finds out how damage to your brain can reduce your ability to doubt your beliefs.

News extra and Do-not-call discussion lead by Ian Woolf. Eastern Washington Eagles Football. Now to my review. Sex positions to make a girl orgasm. The news and interviews in this episode were first broadcast on August 25th Lachlan Whatmore looks at waterwheels and other ancient machines, Patrick Rubie talks to the president of the Sydney University Holistic Society, News by Ian Woolf, - solar powered solar power - neurology of cinema - erasable printing paper produced by Lachlan Whatmore.

The Mads are Back: Lachlan Whatmore pays a tribute to a special lady called Ruby and explains why babies are so warm.

Martin Faccinni talks about why you should vaccinate, and how to protect yourself against all flu infections with Marc West and Ian Woolf, Marc West interviews Dr Katerina Mickac about the invasion of alien species, Presented and produced by Ian Woolf.

John August sends a Postcard from Britain in the 's. Ian Woolf brings us a disturbing story on Soy sauce made from Human Hair collected from corpses A meteor explodes over Russia, harming a thousand people, what's next?

Pluto's demotion and an inconvenient truth are debated in this weeks show. Emily Fearn Panelled by: Rona Chandrawati on Glaucoma treatment implants Xufeng Linfrom about forensic verification of digital photos and videos.

Victoria Bond and Ian Woolf discuss the discovery by the team at the Large Hadron Collider, Victoria Bond reports on Dark Tendrils, Ian Woolf reports on how taste affects judgements, the speechjammer, and activating your immune system to save people from fatal flu.

Addictive apps by Ian Woolf, Galit Segev explains the science of chocolate. Add the first question. The International Dota 2 Championship. North Carolina State Wolfpack Football.

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Marc West tells the tale of reindeer science, and spreading the joy of Diffusion.

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KELLY MONACO TITS Plus the news from sun spots to giant sperm.
Devin tailes tits Joel Werner investigates the newest contender for green energy: A Diffusion Science Nuclear Special. Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones Tribute.
Jessica simpson nude tits Time is running out for two elite criminals as they seek out revenge to get the money they are owed after a heist gone wrong, years ago.
Tumblr nudist milf The LHC may explain why there is more matter than ant-matter, hundred million year old art may be from a 30 metre squid, The human genome may be smaller than we thought, The Fukushima nuclear disaster not as bad as feared.

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